Negin Passargad Hotel

The holy Mashhad annually attracts more than 30 million pilgrims, tourists and ranger from around the world. There are more than half of the country’s capacity to stay in the city. The Negin Pasargad Hotel is located on a plot of 2000 square meters on Shirazi Street with an infrastructure of 27,000 square meters, one of the nearest hotels to the holy shrine. The hotel’s initial investment has been made by the Pasargad Bank and the Atieh Tourism Development Company of the Middle East is the beneficiary of the hotel administration.


Double Lounge Room Luxury

Experience a relaxed, unique and enjoyable space with great facilities in the double rooms. The beautiful design of these rooms will give you a sense of comfort and tranquility.

Twin Special Suite

small, suitable space and of course a compilation of colors and designs for registration memory lasting in suites tween hotel Negin Pasargad.

Connect Special Suite

we offer for registration memorable memories of a sweat and visionary honeymoon , is to stay in the rooms of our special connect suite.

One Bedroom Apartment

the use of color relaxing, unique design, enjoying all spaces and facilities only part of the advantages of apartments a bedroom we are. Comfort here experience.

One-Bedroom Apartment Connect

professional staff and restaurant salons are at your service all hours of the presentation, so that they will serve you as best as possible.

One Bedroom Triple Apartment

An excellent and appropriate offers is to travel to Mashhad- Al Reza and stay or residence in the triple -bedroom apartments. Space friendly and intimate that can memories joy you figure beat.

Two Bedroom Apartment

A different experience from the life next to the court of Imam eighth, Ali IBN Moses Al-Reza can be achieved in our two-bedroom apartments.